Spectrum UIM integration page Link seem Incorrect
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Spectrum UIM integration page Link seem Incorrect


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CA Spectrum


When selecting the Integration type between Spectrum and UIM

- No Integration
-  Legacy Integration
- SpectrumGateway Integration

Spectrum Gateway provides NO integration options

Legacy Integration - requires information related to the UIM / IMP and Spectrum Landscape where undiscovered Models will be created.

Is this correct ?


Release : 20.2

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


What you are seeing is correct. Prior to the Spectrumgtw probe, Oneclick would pull the UIM inventory using the NISAPI which was/is part of the UMP Wasp probe. 

Since the Spectrumgtw probe was developed,  it now drives the integration. The configuration is done on the Spectrumgtw probe. The probe will query the NISAPI and push inventory via rest calls to OneClick. It will also push and pull alarms via rest well. 

On the Oneclick side, the integration needs to only be set to 'Spectrumgateway Integration'.