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CA RC/Extract for DB2 for Z/OS: How do I refresh an Extract Object and a TARGET definition?


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RC/Extract for DB2 for z/OS


When a SOURCE Definition is defined including all the tables that will be extracted the next steps involve actually carrying out the Extract process , creation of the Target Definition and then carrying out the Data Load process. What must be done if the Source Definition is updated later with the addition of more tables or other changes? Is the Extract Object and the Target Definition refreshed by RC/Extract?




Release: R19, R20
Component: RCX


No, the Extract Object is not refreshed dynamically by RC/Extract. The Extract process must be carried out again and not only that but the Target Definition is no longer valid for that Extract object, assuming that the old extract object is replaced. The old Target Definition can't be used and RC/Extract does not refresh it even if the user updates it. After the new extract is produced, the old Target Object should be deleted and a new one created. The Object Mapping process within a Target Definition is carried out only at initial creation.

If, however a new Extract Object with a new name is created then naturally a new Target Definition must be created and attached to it.

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