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Benefit Plan xog


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Program has existing Benefit Plan with details. This is a top level Program that has one sub-program. Both are active.

XOG read the Benefit Plan from the top level Program. On the output file, update the project id (code) value to be the child Program and use XOG to write this Benefit Plan and details into the sub-program.

No issues happen.

Open the sub-program and navigate to Financial Plans and open the Benefit Plan. This totally matches what we see in the master or top level program.

Now comes the issue:

Configure the program list view to show Planned Benefit and Budget Benefit. List view only shows me the top level budget information and not the child program.


Release : 15.9



The existing Cost Plan for the sub-project (i.e. child program) has its own cost plan and budget plan that are in effect. Once we associated the existing Cost Plan to the xog'ed in Benefit Plan the Planned Benefit value displays on the list view and on the simple budget page (which I had not looked at but was also missing the benefit information). Our EPMO will be doing a manual association between approved cost plan and the xog'ed Benefit Plan records.