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20.3 alarm policy change are not reflecting on the active alarm


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Customer OC is not getting new alarms/clearing old alarm after creating new group policy or changing policy for monitoring disk space percent alarm on UIM 20.3.1 (started after 20.3 upgrade) – until the sever is rebooted after the change. Only restarting Primary Robot does not fix the issue as well. We see that the plugin_metric  is showing the changed config/threshold for specific policy, but the alarm list does not change according to the new group policy.


UIM 20.3.1

Windows Servers

Probe cmd 6.50-MC-HF1

Controller 9.32


Upgrading to UIM 20.3.3 with  20.3.3 HF1 and ump_operatorconsole 2.10 HF2 resolved the issue.