UIM Discovered device does not show up in OC Inventory
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UIM Discovered device does not show up in OC Inventory


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


One or more devices are not showing up in OC Inventory when they should. 


Release : DX UIM 20.4.x / 23.4.x



It could be the device was previously there and then deleted with the option 'Prevent rediscovery' selected. 


When this is done the device is added to the CM_BLACKLIST_DEVICE table. 

discovery_server ignores all devices listed in that table. 


To remove a device from the blacklist 
Go to AC > PH > discovery_server > View Probe Utility in New Window 
clear_all_blacklisted_devices < to remove all devices from the blacklist 
unblacklist_devices < to remove one or more from the blacklist 
requires the blacklist_id which is obtained from CM_BLACKLIST_DEVICE bl_id

Then Restart discover_server probe.

Helpful queries:
select * from CM_BLACKLIST_DEVICE;  < to show all devices in the table
select * from CM_BLACKLIST_DEVICE where dev_ip = ‘xxx’;  < search by IP 
select * from CM_BLACKLIST_DEVICE where dev_name = ‘xxxx’; < search by name




Additional Information

Deactivate activate discovery_server and then the log will have this message:
Skipping excluded DeviceId: <dev_id>

Search the log for the device name and then locate the device ID and search on that to see if it is being skipped.