Dollar Universe compatibility with Cloud providers such as AZURE
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Dollar Universe compatibility with Cloud providers such as AZURE


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Is Dollar Universe and the related components ( Nodes, UVMS, Reporter...)  compatible on AZURE cloud servers and can communicate with other on premise components in a different datacenter?


Release : 6.x



Yes, our products can be installed on Azure or AWS or whatever any other cloud servers, the only thing that you need to be sure is that the traffic is opened between the different components on the required ports and that ephemeral ports are opened as they are used for communication between the different products.

Dollar Universe is a non-centralized workload automation solution so the UVMS is only necessary for sending the security objects like the list of nodes, roles, logins, groups and alerting rules to the nodes, so even if the latency between UVMS and nodes is long, scheduling will NOT be affected as each node has its own production and does not depend on UVMS for launching the Jobs at all.

You can also install a subordinate UVMS in the cloud servers and declare the cloud Nodes on it so that synchronization times are better than if nodes were registered into an on premise UVMS server on a remote datacenter.