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There are duplicate VNA models in Spectrum when using the VNA integration


Article ID: 212401


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CA Spectrum


We noticed that there are duplicate SDN VNA models for Cisco Meraki switches in Spectrum.  There is SDN_Router model and a MerakiRouter model.  This also happens with all VNA plugins for instance Cisco ACI.


Release : 20.2

Component : Virtual Network Assurance For CA Spectrum


SNMP was enabled on the network devices after the VNA integration is enabled.


The integration with Spectrum and VNA will model SDN VNA models in Spectrum.  After the integration creates the models, if SNMP is enabled on the SDN devices (Meraki), this will create a duplicate model in Spectrum. You will need to manually delete the duplicates.  Most likely you will want to delete the SDN_Router model and keep the SNMP capable model (MerakiRouter).

There have also been inventory synchronization issues with the plugins and Spectrum which can cause the duplicates.  A code change was implemented to prevent the duplicates which is included in NetOps 21.2.8.  Please keep in mind that if you have the SDN models first, you will still need to manually delete those after creating the SNMP models.  After doing this you should no longer see any newly created SDN models for that device.