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What to do when deploying a Unix software package and you get the following message. Exit code 127 Indicates possible error [SDM228001]


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I am trying to install a shell script package on a Unix server using CA Client Automation Software Delivery.
The script runs fine on the Unix server and the software gets installed.
If I try to use Software Delivery to deploy this package to my Unix server I receive the following message:

    Exit Code 127, indicates possible error [SDM228001] 



CA Client Automation - All Versions 

All Supported UNIX variants 



Windows and Unix will treat 'carriage return' characters differently.
You must create this script on the Unix platform that needs to receive this script or software package.



 1.   Create the exact same shell script in HPUX (or other Unix based platform) using an editor like 'vi'.

 2.   Send this shell script over to your Windows server as a 'binary'.
       We recommend using FTP and setting 'bin" first before the 'get' when retrieving the file from the Unix platform.
 3.   Create a new software package using this .sh file, then seal the package and use Software Delivery to push
       this package out to the Unix operating systems that need to receive this software job.


Release: UASIT.99000-12.9-Asset Intelligence