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[AWA] C_PERIOD object will go from "STOPPED' to 'SLEEPING' when a child job is cancelled


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


A C_PERIOD object (create by running a Job using "Execute - Recurring" will go from "Stopped" (after stopping its associated queue) to "Sleeping" when a child job is cancelled.
This will cause any child job to be active again.


Reproduction details :

  • Create a simple JOBP
  • Execute it (Execute recurring)
  • Check the corresponding C_PERIOD object in the activities Window
  • Stop the associated Queue
  • Check again your C_PERIOD and JOBP objects
  • Stop the associated JOBP
  • Check again your objects

Expected behavior :- The C_PERIOD object should remain "Stopped" since the Queue is stopped

  • The JOBP should not remain at all in the activities Window after being cancelled

Actual behavior :-

  • The C_PERIOD object is "Active" again after few minutes (even though the Queue is still stopped)
  • Eventually, the JOBP will appear again in "Waiting for Queue slot" status


Bug confirmed by Engineering


Release : 12.3



Fixed in AE 12.3.7 & AE 21.0.