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Spectrum AutoDiscovery creating connections between Pingable and router interface models when it should not.


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CA Spectrum


A spectrum Discovery Configuration is configured to only model Pingable models. The parameters are set as follows:

IP Range
SNMP Community String set to a "bogus" value so no devices in the range will respond successfully to snmp queries.
Modeling Options:
  Set to model to a specific container
  All Modeling Option deselected
  All Protocols deselected in the Protocol Options window
  All Services deselected in the Network Service Options
Advanced Options:
  Use ICMP first, then SNMP checked.  
  Use Route Tables unchecked

After running this Discovery Configuration, one of the Pingable models is resolved to the router port of one of the routers.


The discovery process is making use of Address registry, getting the router ips and matching with the pingable ip and its network mask.

If a match is found, it makes the connection.


Release : Any

Component : Spectrum Discovery & Modeling


Set the lockPort attribute id 0x133e8 on the router port to Yes. Setting the value to Yes tells the discovery process to not make a connection to this port model.