SpanVA Degraded State


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CASB Audit


SpanVA is unable to send audit logs to CloudSOC.

The SpanVA is unable to upload audit files after February 18, 2021.

SpanVA web interface reports the status as degraded.


CloudSOC Audit reports the datasource "last updated" is February 18, 2021


From the SpanVA web console run diagnostics and check for error.  It is possible to have a degraded state and not list any errors in diagnostics.

From the SpanVA web console examine monitoring logs for errors.

February 18-19, 2021 the CloudSOC back-end that the SpanVA connects to was migrated from AWS to Google Cloud.

In order for the SpanVA to function, verify the following.

  • Required SpanVA version is and newer.
  • Access to * at port 443

See Appendix: Google Cloud Storage (GCS) IP addresses for corporate firewall setup




Additional Information

SpanVA could be in a degraded state for multiple connectivity problems.  Fix any errors that occur in the logs listed above.

Specific to the February 18-19, 2021 date SpanVA requires connectivity to *