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Project Status List Report not Grouping by Stage


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Modifying the Out of the Box stages under lookup INV_TYPE may cause the Project Status List Report to not group by stage correctly.
This happens when you add a new parent level under INV_PROJECT_TYPE and then inactivate the OOTB values under  INV_PROJECT_TYPE. 

Steps to Reproduce: 

  1. Create a new item under INV_PROJECT_TYPE called Ideation
  2. Add 5 values to this new item under INV_STAGE_TYPE
    • IE: Ballpark, Order of Magnitude, Steering, Ready to Convert, Bus Justification
  3. Go to the OOTB   IT under INV_PROJECT_TYPE
  4. Deactivate the OOTB values
  5. Add these new ones:

                         Lookup Value                                                       ID                                                           Description  

   Project Stage 1 Ideadtion and Initiation         PROJECT_LIFECYCLE_STAGE_1          Project Stage 1 Ideadtion and Initiation
   Project Stage 2. Plan and Analysis                PROJECT_LIFECYCLE_STAGE_2          Project Stage 2. Plan and Analysis
   Project Stage 3. Design                                 PROJECT_LIFECYCLE_STAGE_3          Project Stage 3. Design
   Project Stage 4. Build and Test                      PROJECT_LIFECYCLE_STAGE_4          Project Stage 4. Build and Test
   Project Stage 5. Deploy                                 PROJECT_LIFECYCLE_STAGE_5          Project Stage 5. Deploy
   Project Stage 6. Close                                   PROJECT_LIFECYCLE_STAGE_6          Project Stage 6. Close

    6. Create status reports for several projects
    7. Assign a variety of Stages to different projects. Make sure to include several of these new ones.
    8. Run Load Data Warehouse job
    9. Go to Advanced Reporting or Reports and jobs and select Project Status Report List
    • Group by Stage
    • Make sure you are not limiting it to a certain Work Status or Project Type or Status Reporting

Expected Results: The report groups by stage correctly.

Actual Results: The stages are jumbled and repeated throughout the report. 


Release : 15.9.1




  • When users run the Project Status Report List report the grouping by Stage, the report does not group projects by stage correctly.
  • This happens when they inactivate stage options, in the INV_TYPE lookup and there is a mix of projects still using the old stage options and projects using the new stage options.
  • The stages are jumbled and repeated throughout the report because we are sorting by the stage number. 


Fixed in Release 15.9.2 

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