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Compliance Event Manager (CEM) UI errors with LDP6001E Invalid bind credentials


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Compliance Event Manager


Logging onto the CEM User Interface for the first time the customer encountered the following error: LDP6001E Invalid bind credentials....


The CEMELDAP port was changed from the default 389 to 6366 (so as not to conflict with a recently spawned IBM LDAP task already running on port 389.)  This change was not correctly reflected in the existing login.json file used by the CEM UI that had been initially created specifying the default 389.


Release : 6.0

Component : Compliance Event Manager (CEM)


The immediate fix to this error condition was to perform the following edit on the customer's existing login.json member:  


 "CEM WH on CPUZ":                                 
  "port":389,       <---------- CHANGED TO '6366'                       


Additional Information

To coordinate for a permanent solution would be to update the 'CUSTOM.CFGLIB(CEMECFGX)' member to specify the same LDAP port as stated in the 'CUSTOM.CFGLIB(CEMSLPC)' used by the CEMELDAP started task, and then to run the J01160 job to copy these values to the 'uss' directories, and then delete the login.json file to be built dynamically again with the correct allocations.