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DX - IM - Can I restart the Windows service with the PU command - Probe Utility - (pu.exe)?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Can I restart the Windows service with the PU command?


Any UIM Version


There's a "reboot" probe to restart a system - that might work if its ok if the server can be rebooted.

There's an "nexec" probe that lets you run a remote command.

You could create an archive package that has one section with a "post install" command that resets the service.

You could create a windows scheduled task that issues the service restart command.

You can enter the stop command in the "pre" field and the "start" command in the post field.
The package (net_start_snmptrap in this case) itself can be "deployed" with  a PU command.