Tracking Aria Chatbot usage in Service Point
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Tracking Aria Chatbot usage in Service Point


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Is there a way to track how many users, who and when they are using the Aria chatbot? Something similar to SDM' session_log table where it stores the userid of the people logged into SDM.

Would like to know if users are using the chatbot and for how long they're engaged with it.


Release : 17.3



Natively, there is no specific backend table that logs the Aria Chatbot interactions.

What one can do is examine the out.log file in the Aria install's casm-bot directory.  In this log file, there are these kinds of entries:

2020-01-01 14:12:50,084 [DEBUG]  Recreating tracker for id 'F05DFE190F5FB74D8D29943D15473BBA_1588878527'

2020-01-01 14:12:50,100 [DEBUG]  Received user message 'can you help me' with intent '{'name': 'help', 'confidence': 0.9178106188774109}' and entities '[]'

In the above example the logged in user has an id value in the ca_contact table of F05DFE190F5FB74D8D29943D15473BBA.  Searching for this UUID string in the out.log file, one can find entries that correspond to the given login user (matching string in bold in the above log excerpt), and there are also user messages that match for the timeframe that the given user would have been interacting with Aria Chatbot. 

In the above example, the string "can you help me" was intentionally entered to Aria to review the logging that occurs behind the scenes.

Additional Information

On the SDM Server's Admin Command Prompt, one can run "pdm_extract -f "select id, userid from ca_contact where userid = 'XXXX'" (subbing XXXX for the userid of interest) to obtain the UUID entry, then try a similar search in the log file against the UUID value to get an idea of the interactions that are being logged with Aria.