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Custom domains acting odd - wrong schema name post Jaspersoft 7.8 upgrade


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Custom (not out of the box) Domains have the wrong schema name in the TEST environment after upgrading to Jaspersoft 7.8.


The domain is corrupt. Normally. a domain that has been imported from a different environment. can have its domain corrected by going to Advanced Reporting > Manage > Update Domain Schema


Release : 15.9.1

Component : CLARITY Reporting

Jaspersoft 7.8 upgraded from 7.13


  1. Check to see if there are any Ad hoc reports using the domain

    SELECT f.uri||'/'|| AS Domain_Path, f2.uri||'/'|| AS DomainAdhocReport
    FROM jidomaindatasource dINNER JOIN jiresource r ON =
    INNER JOIN jiresourcefolder f ON = r.parent_folder
    INNER JOIN jireportunit u ON u.reportdatasource =
    INNER JOIN jiresource r2 ON =
    INNER JOIN jiresourcefolder f2 ON = r2.parent_folder
    ORDER BY Domain_Path, DomainAdhocReport

  2. If there are no reports using it, it can be deleted.

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