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Avoiding an abend S013-20 when using a sequential file for DBUTLTY input


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We tried to run a REQABORT command from a dataset, and got an abend with the S013-20 open error.  Here is the error message:


The file definition for this file shows:

Device type . . . . : 3390 
Data class . . . . . : **None**
Organization  . . . : PS
Record format . . . : FB
Record length . . . : 37       
Block size  . . . . : 32486

The command executed fine when it was included instream in the JCL.  Is there a limitation to including DBUTLTY commands in a dataset?


Using a SYSIN file that is not defined with an LRECL of 80 bytes wlll cause the S013-20.


Component : CA Datacom/DB

Component : CA Datacom/AD


As with SYSIN files for almost any other utility, the LRECL is expected to be 80 bytes. You can use a standard PDS with 80-byte records, or a single PS file with a length of 80 bytes and you should be fine.

Additional Information

As always, please contact Broadcom support for CA Datacom if you have further questions.