CA OPS/MVS and CA-NIM SM - Can custom APIs be used?
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CA OPS/MVS and CA-NIM SM - Can custom APIs be used?


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


 We have implemented ServiceNow custom APIs to replace the standard ServiceNow APIs. If we use the address USS SMREQ API does it call the standard ServiceNow APIs or can we customize it to call the Home Depot developed APIs?


Release : 13.5

Component : OPS/MVS


CA OPS/MVS can use, by default, any APIs that CA NIM-SM uses.   

CA NIM-SM can use customer endpoints as outlined in the CA NIM-SM Getting Started Guide section title “CA NIM SM Configuration for ServiceNow Customer Endpoints.”  Per the manual:

To make CA NIM SM work with Custom or scripted web service, the CA NIM SM configurations have to be modified for an appropriate custom endpoint and a custom function for every CI and custom operations. These are the steps that are followed on CA NIM SM for enabling ServiceNow Custom Web services:

 Configure the useCustomEndpoint  property

Log in to CA NIM SM client UI and navigate to Configuration page of ServiceNow.

The property useCustomEndpoint  indicates whether CA NIM SM communicates with ServiceNow through custom endpoint (or scripted web services). By default the value is set to false, which implies that CA NIM SM is integrated to ServiceNow using direct web services. 

To integrate through custom endpoint, set the userCustomEndpoint parameter to true.

 Update the ServiceNowCustomEndpoint  configuration file

 Once you set the custom endpoint parameter in the configuration, ServiceNowCustomEndpoint.xml file is configured with custom endpoint and custom functions information. This custom endpoint which is mentioned in ServiceNowCustomEndpoint.xml file is available in the configured Service Desk. This file resides in the CA NIM SM server in the WEB-INF\config\servicenow folder. 


Additional Information

For more information refer to the CA NIM-SM Configuration For ServcieNow Customer Endpoints section of the CA NIM-SM Getting Started Manual: