DISK - S002-A8 during a BACKUP of large PDSE
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DISK - S002-A8 during a BACKUP of large PDSE


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Disk Backup and Restore - MVS



Running a BACKUP or ARCHIVE of a PDSE member that contains more than
15,728,739 records results in a S002-A8 abend.                             

Backup of large PDSE failed with S002-A8.
as per IBM documentation it can be caused by

o A NOTE macro was issued for a PDSE data member, but the record is  
  more than 15,728,639 records into the member and                   
  BLOCKTOKENSIZE=LARGE was not specified for the PDSE when it was    
  opened. NOTE could not return a valid value 


Release : 12.5

Component : CA Disk Backup and Restore


To correct this problem please apply the LU00854.