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How do I send the CA DADS Plus for CICS DADSBIF Batch Interface File to CA technical support for problem recreation?


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DADS Plus Telon Application Generator



Sometimes an end user will encounter a problem using CA DADS Plus for CICS and the problem cannot be reproduced here at CA.
In these cases CA support may request the clients DADSBIF batch interface file to attempt recreation of the reported problem or to review the contents of the DADSBIF file.


The DADBIF Batch Interface File is a VSAM RRDS fixed length file with a record length of RECSZ(4086 4086).
In order to send the DADSBIF file to CA please do the following steps:

Create a sequential file FM=FB LRECL= 4086 BLKSIZE= 4086
IDCAMS REPRO your VSAM DADSBIF file to the sequential file just created.
Use the IBM TRSMAIN utility to TERSE the sequential file.
Note how many records were REPRO'd to the sequential file.
Upload the TERSE'd sequential file to our FTP server and update the contact with the number of records REPRO'd to the sequential file.


Release: OSDPLW00200-4-DADS Plus-for CICS