ASM - How to generate license usage report
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ASM - How to generate license usage report


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CA App Synthetic Monitor


We need to generate license usage report for audit of ASM.





The type and number monitors a user can create in ASM depends on the "subscription" .
a) "Self-managed" customers can buy packages that allow them to create the monitors and they get and pay regular invoices.
b) There are also "resold" customers who are assigned to a "reseller" (their parent). It is this reseller who gets all invoices and can control the subscription of all his resold accounts. Reseller is also responsible for creating and managing (branded) invoices for all resold users.
In both cases, the number of monitors is controlled by the subscription whoever can change it. Customers can check the type and number of monitors they are using and they can create (based on their subscription) down on the monitor page. This is an example of usage:
c) However, for PLA customers, the monitor usage is recalculated (based on PLA specifications) and sent to a central DB. The PLA values depend on the number of monitors performed per day and not on the number of monitors configured and enabled. We do not display this PLA usage on the ASM pages anywhere. If you need this PLA report you must reach out to the PLA team.

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