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Disable or Enable Release Risk Score


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Continuous Delivery Director


We have one query related to release score functionality in CDD. We are able to see the scores icon on one environment and not on the other environment(QA), Can you please let us know how to enable or disable the release scores from CDD UI.

CDD 7.3, 8.0 or higher


Release : 7.3, 8.0 or higher



Release Risk Score of CDD let you determine the status of release for promotion to higher environments. If you want to customize the configuration of Release Risk Score please refer to documentation.

In case if you want to enable/disable Release Risk Score you can do so following below steps

  1. Locate the file it will be in location ./cdd/conf/
  2. Please look for entry cdd.release.score.enabled=true if any. If this entry is not there it default to enabled=true
  3. Create a backup of file (pre-requisite as precaution)
  4. Add below entry in file, as per your requirement and save the file
    • cdd.release.score.enabled=true  [ To enable Release Risk Score, missing entry from file default to true as mentioned in step 2]
    • cdd.release.score.enabled=false [To disable Release Risk Score]
  5.  Stop and Start the Tomcat