Unable to access OneClick WebApp when using F5 VIP
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Unable to access OneClick WebApp when using F5 VIP


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CA Spectrum


After setting up our Spectrum OneClick Servers behind an F5 VIP the Webapp no longer launches

The VIP  is setup as follows: 

  • http://spectrum.domain.net 
    • ==> directs us to http://<oneclickserver>:8080/spectrum

  • LDAP Authentication at this stage works just fine. 

  • Select OneClick WebApp 
    • ==>  Get a blank page 




Release : 10.4.x (NetOps 20.2.x)

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


The OneClick tomcat redirects Webapp traffic to the Webtomcat port (Default: 9443 TCP). The Webtomcat port (9443) also needs to be
    opened through the F5 load balancer.

The http://host.domain.net:8443/spectrum/webapp  will redirect to http://host.domain.net:9443/spectrum/oneclickwebapp so both
   ports will need to be opened through the F5.


Both the OneClick Tomcat port and Webtomcat port need to be open though the F5 loadbalancer.


The Webtomcat which runs webswing and launches the java console locally uses port
   9443 by default. The OneClick webpage when launching the Webapp will redirect to port 9443 which
   means that both the OneClick tomcat and the Webtomcat ports need to be routed through the F5

Additional Information


The Webapp can be accessed directly to test connectivity and see if the F5 is also permitting port 9443

  • ==> http://OneClickServer.acme.net:9443/spectrum/oneclickwebapp


  If OneClick tomcat and Webtomcat are configured to use SSL, make sure to follow the steps to update the WebSwing configuration