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Limit what knowledge is exposed to end users in Service Point


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In our Production and QA environments, we have Service Desk Manager (SDM) KB articles already and when someone performs a search in KB tab in SDM, the relevant KB articles are returned. Same happens in Service Point (SP) if we have the Suggested Solutions pane enabled. Currently, we have the Suggested Solutions pane hidden so no KB articles are displayed when a SP search is performed.

We don't want any SDM KB articles to be displayed in SP except for a select KB articles. For this example, let' say we have 100 KB articles in SDM. We load those 2 "SP tips and how-tos" KB articles into SDM; now we have 102 KB articles in SDM. 

How do we restrict the first 100 KB articles to SDM only and the final 2 KB articles for SP (and SDM) only?


Release : 17.3



Believe that existing KB permissions that are set will be honoured in Service Point. It is important to note that Knowledge permissions are based on either group or role assignments and not on application.  It is not possible to limit knowledge access based on the end user accessing Service Point vs. the Classic Web UI.