Replace the JRE Installed by NolioAgent with Agent Upgrade Feature


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The JRE that came with the NolioAgent is outdated. Can I update it?


Release : 6.6.7, 6.7.3



Nolio Release Operations Center (ROC) has a feature available for upgrading agents. The upgrade agent feature can be used to distribute a newer JRE using the instructions below. 


Important: These instructions can only be used by versions:

  • Nolio 6.6.7 and higher
  • Nolio 6.7.3 and higher


Currently, we provide JREs for the following platforms:

  • Windows
  • Linux (x86 and x64)
  • SunOS and Sparc


The following steps must be done to upgrade JREs on the agents using the "Upgrade Agent" feature:

  1. On the DB: Check the "Upgrade JRE with Agent Upgrade" parameter. It must be equal to the TRUE value. This may be checked with the following script:
    select * from STR_PARAMS s where = 'Upgrade JRE with Agent Upgrade';
  2. On the NAC: Backup existing JREs. It would be better to backup the hole [Nolio home folder]\upgradeAgent\-1975\ folder.
  3. On the NAC: Prepare JREs for the agents. These JREs must be saved in the following folders:
    • Windows.
      [Nolio home folder]\upgradeAgent\-1975\-3003
    • Linux. Depending on the architecture (x86 or x64):
      [Nolio home folder]\upgradeAgent\-1975\-3004\ORACLE
      [Nolio home folder]\upgradeAgent\-1975\-3004\ORACLE64
    • SunOS.
      [Nolio home folder]\upgradeAgent\-1975\-3006\x86
    • Solaris.
      [Nolio home folder]\upgradeAgent\-1975\-3006\SPARC
  4. On the NAC: Download the relevant Oracle JREs and unzip them into the relevant folders.
    NOTE: We need to copy [JRE]\bin\java.exe into the [JRE]\bin\NolioAgent.exe for the Windows JRE.
  5. Via the ROC: Run agent upgrade. The agent upgrade procedure will upgrade JREs as well.