Empty files in DQOUT from CA Dataquery export
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Empty files in DQOUT from CA Dataquery export


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I have JCL that runs but the DQOUT file always shows 0 records. The manual says that DQOUT is the correct DDNAME to use. I see a copy of the data pulled in the DD SYSPRINT . I can't figure out why I'm getting empty DQOUT files.


Release : 15.1

Component : CA Dataquery for CA Datacom

Component : CA Datacom/DB


A standard query run in batch would be expected to produce the output report to SYSPRINT. If you want to take that report and use it for another process, there are two different options:

1.Capture the SYSPRINT output to a file and use that in other jobs.

2. To only capture the data and use that, select the appropriate value for a fixed- or variable-length data report on the Batch Execution screen that comes up after the SUBMIT command in the CA Dataquery online screens. 

On the Batch Execution screen is a line near the bottom asking which type of data you want to export (this is equal to the EXPORT command in batch JCL). It looks like this:

To export print data to a sequential file, select output record type: 
          _  Variable comma separated    x  Fixed length record       

If you select Variable, it will create a special CSV file and will write to the DD statement DQOUT, and for Fixed, it will write to DQFIXD. Note that the format of these files is very different:

For fixed-length files (DQFIXD), you will only receive the data, with each column immediately following the previous one, having the length of those columns. The LRECL is the sum of the column sizes. Here is an example of a few data rows:


For variable-length files (DQOUT), you will receive Header and Data lines describing the data. This LRECL is variable length with a maximum of 4088. For example, it might look like this:

. . .

Additional Information

For more information on the EXPORT files, please see the CA Dataquery documentation.

As always, please contact Broadcom support for CA Datacom if you have further questions.