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Capacity metrics are showing percentage is above 100%


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DX Operational Intelligence


We are observing that the capacity metrics percentage is above 200% for some of our monitored resources. Can you please check if this is configuration issue or issue in calculation? When we see the container individual metrics, we do not see value going above threshold but in the capacity we are observing different metrics.


Release : SAAS

Component : DOI



The value showing greater than 200% is as per design, it’s because the usage value is greater than the capacity metric value, we check data for the device in question and we found its value of the capacity metric is 500 and the value of the usage metric is around 1063. That is the reason we are seeing 200% in the UI. In capacity analytics, OI does not make any changes to the values and do calculations on what we receive from NASS. It is metrics linking issue, where the capacity metric is not proper. Please find an example below, (As per the example Memory Request Bytes is enabled as a capacity metric):

"capacity_metric": "CPA_METRIC_CS_Application Performance Management_CS_Memory Request (Bytes)","capacity_metric_unique_id": "IHGJ-i31eGB","capacity_metric_type": "Usage","capacity_unit""Bytes","capacity_value": 524288000,"host": "file-attribute-consumer","metric_key": "CPA_METRIC_CS_Application Performance Management_CS_Memory Usage (Bytes)",