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Existing SNMP profiles not selectable for assignment to Devices in DX NetOps Performance Management


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CA Infrastructure Management


Some (more than 10) correctly configured SNMP profiles cannot be selected in Discovery Profile configuration or in the Device admin settings on the Details tab.

A full re-sync of the Data Aggregator does not solve this problem.

The correct SNMP Profiles are present on the Manage SNMP Profiles page.


All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases


Solution steps are as follows.

This will find any SNMP Profile in PC with a missing LocalID value representing the Item_ID value from the DA and remove it. Then when PC next pushes the SNMP Profiles to the DA it'll recreate it.

  1. Run the following against the DR DB to generate the list of profiles known to the DA.
    • Can check the dbconnection.cfg file on the DA For the dbUser name to determine the right user and it's password to set in -U for user and -w for password.
    • Enclose -w password values with special characters in single quotes.
    • Run the command:
      • /opt/vertica/bin/vsql -U dauser -w dapass -A -b -t -c "select item_id from v_item_facet where facet_qname='{}CommunicationProfile';" > /tmp/profiles.txt
  2. Open the profiles.txt file with the vi command as follows. Ensure it contains no special characters.
    • vi /tmp/profiles.txt
  3. Move the /tmp/profiles.txt file on the DA over to the PC host in the /tmp directory.
  4. Enter the PC MySql prompt from the (default path) /opt/CA/MySql/bin directory:
    1. Replace <password> with the MySql DB password. 
      • ./mysql -uroot -p<password> netqosportal
    2. In the mysql prompt run the following commands:
      • create table da_profiles(localid varchar(32) PRIMARY KEY);
      • load data local infile '/tmp/profiles.txt' into table da_profiles;
      • select * from item_identifiers ii left join da_profiles dp on ii.localid=dp.localid where ii.sourceid=3 and ii.itemtypename='profile' and dp.localid is null;
    3. That last select command should show us the LocalID SNMP Profiles in PC that are NOT in the DA.
    4. To remove them run the command:
      • delete ii from item_identifiers ii left join da_profiles dp on ii.localid=dp.localid where ii.sourceid=2 and ii.itemtypename='profile' and dp.localid is null;
  5. Once the changes are made to the database there are two options.
    1. Run a Full Sync of the DA DS
    2. Run this command in the mysql prompt to touch all SNMP Profiles so they are pushed to the DA.
      • update items set UpdatedOn=UNIX_TIMESTAMP(sysdate()) where itemtype=11;
  6. Last step is deleting the temporary table created earlier as part of the fix process. In a MySql prompt run the following:
    • drop table da_profiles;

Additional Information

Note that after this process the Global Sync cycles may take an hour or more processing the changes as a result of the fix.