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How do I add new values to a pull-down field in a custom form in the case that the field is being used to provide a value from the rows of a column in a custom table?


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To add new values to the pull-down field, add the values to the corresponding custom table using the Service Desk tools, pdm_extract and pdm_load.


Important: This is a customization so the information in this technical document is not supported by CA Support. The procedures below may be followed at your own risk. As part of best practices, try them in a test environment to verify the effects before you consider performing them in a production environment.

Use pdm_extract and pdm_load to add rows to your custom table that had been added at an earlier point in time to the MDB schema using the Schema Designer in Web Screen Painter (WSP).

Here are the steps that can be used to update the pull-down values:

  1. Determine the name of the table and the name of the field that are associated with the field in the form by opening your form in WSP, right-clicking on the field and selecting Properties. In the value field of the Attribute property, click on "...". Identify the table name by determining the highest level under which the field exists in the tree hierarchy that is displayed. The field name in the table is the value of the Attribute. Note that WSP appends the letter "z" to the beginning of the table name when it is created. The letter z designates a custom table.

  2. Now that you have the table name, run a command similar to this one that has been run for the table named "t1":
    pdm_extract zt1 > zt1_original.txt

  3. Using table "zt1" as an example, copy zt1_original.txt to zt1_new.txt.

  4. Edit zt1_new.txt. Add the new row for the table with the new values. Remove the other rows but not the header.

  5. Now run this command to insert the new row into the table in the database:
    pdm_load -i -f zt1_new.txt

  6. To verify that the new row has been added to the table, run:
    pdm_extract zt1


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