Reporting Question - start times dependencies
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Reporting Question - start times dependencies


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CA 7 Workload Automation


Is there a command to generate a report of all jobs showing Dependencies/Predecessors and Start Time?


Release : 11.3

Release :  12.0

Release :  12.1

Component : CA-7


The following command can be used to generate a listing of all jobs with Dependencies and Predecessors:

LCTLG,DSN=PRED.    <<<< this command will list all jobs in the database that have a job or dataset dependency.  The command also show jobs with negative

                                               dependencies.  Note:  A wildcard can also be used.  Exam:  LCTLG,DSN=PRED.PAYS*   <<<<  this will extract all jobs with the 

                                               high-level name or PAY.


The FJOB command can be used to determine the Start Time of all jobs within the SPAN Time.  EXAM:  FJOB,JOB=*,FROM=(MMDDYY,HHMM),TO=(MMDDYY,HHMM)

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