Cost Plan Total Units mismatch with Task Total Effort
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Cost Plan Total Units mismatch with Task Total Effort


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User is creating a Cost plan from Assignments based on Task and then compares to the Task list and expects the Total Units effort to match with Total Effort. Initially the plan matches the values. Some of the ETC seems to create a discrepancy over time


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  • There is not much point of comparing data from Assignment to the Cost plan, those are separate entities that develop on their own. Project data is based off Earned Value and the Cost is tracking against the financial budget. Project EAC would also change if the ETC changes.
  • As long as the numbers look good when the Cost plan is created, we don't see an issue with a difference later on, it is very likely normal.
  • If a static number is needed for the assignment, then the Baseline can be used.  Some of those numbers will be displayed at Task level, and be used for comparison such as Total Effort or EAC(T)

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