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DX OI integration with UIM - Disaster Recovery for OI Connector and APM Bridge


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DX Operational Intelligence


I found 3 alarms remaining in DOI opened. 
Is there any synchronization between DOI and UIM if there is the connector goes down or if any network interruption for a while?


Current limitation

However, we're working on a disaster recovery feature or enhancement for UIM oi_connector and apm_bridge probes:

F108946 Disaster Recovery for OI Connector and  APM Bridge (STATUS = In Progress)

If for some reason the connector goes down, any updates in UIM that happen during the downtime are ignored by the connectors when they next become operational. This leads to mismatches between the UIM and OI products.

This feature will ensure data accuracy. 

For an update contact Broadcom Support.


DX Operational Intelligence 1.3.x, 20.2, SaaS



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