Environment variable XCOM_HOME appears to be not set after a CA XCOM for Windows r11.6 SP03 silent installation‏
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Environment variable XCOM_HOME appears to be not set after a CA XCOM for Windows r11.6 SP03 silent installation‏


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After successfully installing r11.6 SP03 with a silent installation, when installing an XCOM patch received errorlevel=113.   
As is explained in the patch ReadMe page for error 113, the environment variable XCOM_HOME (%XCOM_HOME%) was not set, 
After restarting the server, %XCOM_HOME% was set correctly to chosen install directory c:\xcomnt and the installation of the patch was successful (ended with errorlevel=0).
Does a server with a new XCOM r11.6 SP03 installation need to be restarted after the install to set the XCOM_HOME environment variable etc?


Release : 11.6 SP03
Component : CA XCOM Data Transport for Windows


Support tested a silent install on a clean Windows VM using the r11.6 SP03 XCOM.exe installer with install directory c:\xcomnt and did not encounter any problem with the environment variable XCOM_HOME not being created.
After the silent install completed as expected, there is no environment variable XCOM_HOME created under the existing command prompt but after starting a new command prompt the environment variable is visible:

Also, the environment variable XCOM_HOME is visible under Control Panel/System/Advanced System Settings:

In the installer log file "%XCOM_HOME%\Uninstaller_R116SP03\Logs\CA_XCOM_Data_Transport__r11.6_SP03_(64-bit)_Install_mm_dd_yyyy_hh_mm_ss.log" XCOM_HOME is also shown as being set.
Set Environment Variable: XCOM_HOME = c:\xcomnt
                          Status: SUCCESSFUL

The root cause of the missing XCOM_HOME environment variable was confirmed as being that the same command prompt was used to install the patch straight after the SP03 silent install. A new command prompt is required to pick up the new environment variables.
In summary, a restart of the server is not required after the r11.6 SP03 install.

Additional Information

CA XCOM Data Transport for Windows 11.6 Service Packs > Installing and Upgrading > Install or Upgrade in Silent Mode

Another possible root cause of this type of problem is in instances where connecting to the Windows server using a non-interactive login session, it doesn't get complete environment variables.