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QUICK START - How do I find where, how metrics are turned on for a specific device type


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


I have a new device that I have added and as an example I am not getting things like CPU and memory as expected. Is there a way to get this, or understand how it is collected?


Release : 20.3



This will likely require you to look at and review what metrics are collected for a specific device. In this example I have an IBM data power device that is not showing cpu or memory data and am trying to understand how to collect that data.

-select Supported Vendors and select IBM (this will populate pull downs where you can pick a specific device)
-in the second pull down select the most logical sub category:

In this case the item highlighted in blue is what we want to look for in the default template in the snmpcollector configuration.

-open the template editor in the snmpc configuration (look for that in blue in reverse order (Host > System Utilization Information))
-create a filter (highlighted blue) with the metrics turned on that you need

-save the template