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What actions to take if the request queue fills up for CA7 r11.3 or earlier release


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CA 7 Workload Automation


The CA 7 request queue (REQQ) can fill up for various reasons, such as an increase in workload, jobs being put on hold and left in queue,  or the queues being stopped for an extended period of time.   Note: This is for CA 7 r11.3 and earlier releases.


Release : 11.3

Component : CA-7


First you need to determine the status of the queues by issuing the following commands:


Check to see if the queue are stopped. If so you need to look into why the queues were stopped. Once the queues are started and the workload starts to flow, the queue should eventual free up space.


This command will show you the allocated tracks and available tracks. You will also so see the number of entries the queue can hold and the available entries.


If you only have a minimal number of tracks available, it is recommended that you increase the size of the REQQ. Keep in mind that your Ready and Active queues may also need to be increased. Please follow the Dump Queue / Move Queue procedure for reallocating or moving your queue files.