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Modern UX - Staff Tab - Allocations are incorrectly displayed for resources with a calendar whose non-workdays are not Saturdays and Sundays


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Steps to Reproduce are as follows:

1. Navigate to Administration -> Project Management -> Base Calendars
2. Click on New. Provide "Calendar Name"
3. Click on "Edit Calendar Exceptions". Select "Sat" and "Sun". click on "Make Workday"
4. Select "Tue" and "Wed". Click on "Make Non-Workday"

5. Navigate to Home -> Resource Management -> Resources
6. Select a resource. Click on "Calendar" tab. Browse for "Base Calendar". Select the calendar from step 2

7. Navigate to the Modern UX
8. Create a project. Click on "Staff" tab. Add the resource from step 6
9. In View Options:
 a. Per-period Metrics = "Allocation"
 b. Period = "Month"
 c. Start Period = "2021-01"
 d. End Period = "2021-12"
10. Start filling the cells from 2021-01 to 2021-12. Provide 100 as the value for easy observation
11. Notice that against some cells the value changes to greater than 100
12. Wait for a Time Slicing job instance to finish. Notice that the slice table holds 100 as the value instead of the value displayed in the Modern UX. The following query can be used to verify. Provide the Internal ID of the Project created in step 8.

 from prteam prt
 join srm_resources sr on = prt.prresourceid
 join prj_blb_slices pbs on pbs.prj_object_id = prt.prid
 join inv_investments ii on = prt.prprojectid
 where prprojectid = <Project_Internal_ID>
 and pbs.slice_request_id = 6
 order by prt.last_updated_date desc

13. Navigate to the "Staffing" tab in the Modern UX. Search for the project from step 8. Notice that it shows values as 100

Expected Results: Values are shown as 100 in step 11

Actual Results: Values greater than 100 are shown in step 11


Version: 15.9.1


Due to a defect with ID DE60367.


This is fixed in 15.9.2