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Latency issue while creating custom project picklist


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Clarity users observing a high latency issue while creating a custom project picklist. 


1. Log in to Clarity system as a admin user

2. Go to the Modern UX Projects grid and from view options > click manage picklist > create a new picklist PICKLIST NAME = ‘My custom project picklist’ 

3. Click on done immediately and notice the error "Picklist Validation error: Missing resource ID" 

4. Back to the Projects grid > from view options > click manage picklist > create a new picklist a “My custom project picklist 2”, this time wait for some time to allow the page to refresh and present the “ADD CHOICE” to enter values for the picklist.

Expected Results: Manage picklist page to present “Add choice” instantly without a lag.

Actual Results: Manage picklist page waits for 5-11 seconds and then “ADD CHOICE” is presented to the user to enter values.


This is caused due to clarity Defect DE61512. The issue can be generally replicated on large customer datasets (52k+ active projects).


Clarity Release : 15.9.2



Defect fixed in Clarity 16.0.0.