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Random Access Violation error when trying to decrypt emails in Outlook with Symantec Encryption Desktop


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When attempting to decrypt an email, an error occurs stating "Random Access Violation".  When you click away from the message and come back to the message, the message will then decrypt.  This is an intermittent issue and does not cause any integrity loss or data loss, it is simply a rendering issue where decryption occurred, but due to an incorrect processing, the message does not decrypt.


The only time this has been observed is during the following scenarios:

Email Scenario 1: USER A Sends USER B a message, encrypted, and with attachments and the message goes through successfully.

Email Scenario 2: USER B sends a NEW email to a third party, including attachments not encrypted and the message goes through successfully.

Email Scenario 3: If USER B then forwards and encrypts the first message from "Email Scenario 1" to USER C (in the To field), and then CC’s USERS D-F (in the CC field), AND attaches the message to third party from "Email Scenario


As has been shown this is a specific scenario, but when you click on a different message, and come back to the encrypted content, the messages will typically decrypt. 


Installing Symantec Encryption Desktop 10.5 MP1 appears to resolve this issue and has additional messaging fixes.  Symantec Enterprise Division recommends to upgrade to 10.5 MP1 or above to resolve this issue.

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