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ASM - Installation Failed - Could not install Puppet, 3.6.2-3 as is obsolete


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CA App Synthetic Monitor


OPMS installation failed as puppet-3.6.2-3.el7 cannot be installed, this release is obsolete and puppet-5.5.17-1.el7 is the latest release. Could we use major puppet releases?



Any OPMS release


Major puppet releases are incompatible as our puppet scripts are written for the 3.6 version and fail on newer versions. Puppet 3.6 is still available on CentOS/RH 7.X and is required for the OPMS installation.

We are working on a new architecture that will move puppet completely out of the way but it will take time and for now, there is no other option. The user can install puppet 3.6.X for the OPMS installation only and once the OPMS is installed, it can be removed it completely since puppet is not needed on the running OPMS.