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How can I delete the CAIENF database entirely from a CA Datacom/AD MUF?


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I mistakenly created the CAIENF database 700 on an existing CA Datacom/AD Multi-user (MUF) environment. How do I remove it entirely?


CAIENF provides the jobs in the CA Common Services CAW0JCL PDS to accomplish this.

  • Job AW1AD001 is provided to obtain a list of existing CAIENF database tables that would need to be deleted if any exist.

  • Job CASQL004 is provided to drop all CAIENF tables if any exist.

  • Jobs CADB003 thru CADB005 are provided to properly delete the entities and data set that comprise the CAIENF 700 database and remove the database 700 from the CA Datacom CXX.

Additional Information:

Please refer to the CA Common Services for z/OS Installation Guide Release 14.1 page 260 (page 256 in the 12.0 guide), heading "Resolve CA Datacom/AD for CAIENF Customization Issues" section "To delete a partially or completely installed CAIENF database" for complete instructions.





Release: DATABB00200-14-Datacom/AD