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Unable to change task duration


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


Unable to save task duration changes / modify the Duration field on a task. This happens even if the task is set to fixed duration, and not locked for scheduling. The behavior varies based on the area of Clarity:

  • In Modern User Experience (UX), it reverts back to the previous value.
  • In the Classic Task list, Duration is un-editable. 
  • In Classic Gantt, you are able to save changes.

The only thing that seems to change the duration field if  not using the Gantt is changing the dates. Is this by design?

Steps to reproduce in Modern UX:

  1. Add Duration as a column to the Task grid in Modern UX
  2. Create one new task
  3. Change the value of Duration from 1 to 7

Expected Results: Value does not change back to 1

Actual Results: Value changes back from 7 to 1


Release : All Supported

Component : Clarity Project Management


This issue is working as designed.


The one option to change the duration without changing dates is to use the Classic Gantt (or change the dates of the task instead of modifying the duration).

Additional Information

Reference: Tasks / Assignments - Master KB for known issues