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Error when associating a Contract to a Cost Center in Asset Management 8.x


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Asset Management Solution Asset Management Suite IT Management Suite


In 'Settings> All Settings> NS> Resource and Data Class Settings> Resource Types> Contract Types > Contract', you added the 'Cost Center Ownership' data class under the Data Classes.

Then in 'Home> Service and Asset Management> Contracts, you selected one of contracts, right clicked and in Edit page under 'Cost and Ownership', added and saved the cost center and it gives an error.


Asset Management Solution 8.1 and higher


We removed this functionality to avoid performance issues in versions prior to 8.1. 


To work-around this, do the following:


  1. Go to Settings - Notification Server - Resource and Data Class Settings - Resource Associations - CMDB Association Types - Cost Center
  2. Right-click on Cost Center - Export. Save a file.
  3. Edit and change the saved file:
  • Change Guid of Asset type to Guid of Recourse type
    • <parentResourceTypeGuid>b9ee0ab2-ae0e-4867-bf4c-41d4a382163b</parentResourceTypeGuid>
  • Change to
    • <parentResourceTypeGuid>4e638fc6-0de4-4ea1-aeb9-d5d1e14a124f</parentResourceTypeGuid>
  1. Right-click on CMDB Association Types folder - Import - select the saved file