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CA View - 80% Database Utilization Mentioned on the Console, and Now There are Many Messages


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A SARDBI23 message was issued regarding the View database utilization percentage, at 80%. 

The same message, when 80%, was issued many times. 


Release : 14.0


Once the SARINIT DBTHRESH=... parameter is reached, whenever a new report is collected, the utilization amount is checked and a message is put out.

The message will be put out every time something is archived to the database. 

The parameter is defaulted to 80, so at 80% utilization, a message will be put out for every sysout collected.

It is not recommended, but you may raise the threshold percentage by changing the SARINIT DBTHRESH=... parameter and recycling the SARSTC task, to see fewer messages. 

Issuing "/F sarstc,DUMP" is requesting the on-demand occurrence of a View standard backup to the database, which is a temporary remedy to reclaiming database space. 

Please note that the running of a View backup may not necessarily free up any space, however, reports are still collecting during that time. 

A tendency towards "storage creep", which occurs with the passage of time, usually results in the best long-term remedy being to add some space (via SARDBASE ADDDS DATA (or INDEX)).