MIM_DRVR_CF_STATUS health check exception
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MIM_DRVR_CF_STATUS health check exception


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MIM Data Sharing (MII) MIM Resource Sharing (MIM)


The CA MIM Health Check is showing an exception for one of the control files. How is this to be handled? 

NAME                          CheckOwner       State              Status

CA MIM Control File Status Report (eg. DISPLAY FILES)

   File Unit Status  Volser   Data Set
00  AC16 IN-USE M00001 hlq.MIM1250.MIA.CF00
01  AE80 ERROR   M00002 hlq.MIM1250.MIA.CF01


Release : 12.5
Component : MIA


More verbose information regarding the health check can be reviewed for recommended actions.

This can be done using SDSF (ck) or CA SYSVIEW (hc) commands. For this specific health check, the following information is presented.

* Medium Severity Exception *                                              
The allocated CA MIM control files have been evaluated and                 
errors have been found.                                                    
  Explanation:  The allocated CA MIM control files have been evaluated     
    on system XE03 and errors have been found.                             
  System Action:  The system continues processing.                         
  Operator Response:  Report this problem to the system programmer.        
  System Programmer Response:  View the 'CA MIM Control File Status        
    Report' above.  This will help you identify the CA MIM control file    
    that has been marked in ERROR.                                         
    The Status Report will also help you determine the DDNAME and DSNAME   
    values of the control file in ERROR.  These values will be needed      
    for the CA MIM DEALLOCATE and ALLOCATE commands which will be          
    executed to clear the ERROR flag.                                      
    The DDNAME value is formed by using 'MIMTBLnn', where nn is a          
    two-character numeric File ID value from the Status Report. The        
    DSNAME value is formed by using the actual Data Set name value from    
    the Status Report.                                                     
    For example, if the Status Report shows that DASD control File         
    ID=00, Data Set name=MIM.PRIMARY.CF is in ERROR, the following         
    series of CA MIM commands could be executed to clear the ERROR flag    
    and return the file to a USABLE state:                                 
    1.  DEALLOCATE DDNAME=MIMTBL00                                         
    2.  DISPLAY FILES                                                      
        (verify File ID=00 is not in the display.)                         
    4.  DISPLAY FILES                                                      
    Verify File ID=00 is shown in the display with the proper Data Set     
    name, and has a Status of USABLE.                                      
    If the control file in ERROR is a coupling facility list structure     
    control file, instead of using the "MIMTBL00" parm above, one would    
    use the "XESFILEID=00" parm, and instead of using the                  
    "DSNAME=MIM.PRIMARY.CF" parm one would use the                         
    "STRNAME=MIM.PRIMARY.CF" parm.                                         
    Once the control file ERROR flag has been cleared and the file has     
    been restored to a USABLE state, MIM_DRVR_CF_STATUS@MIM125FI should    
    be rerun to verify that the ERROR exception has been cleared.          
    Because control file states are from the local system point of view,   
    once you have cleared the ERROR flag on the local system, you will      
    want to verify the health of the control files on all other systems     
    in the MIMplex.                                                         
  Problem Determination:  n/a                                               
  Source:  CA MIM                                                           
  Reference Documentation:                                                  
    CA MIM Resource Sharing for z/OS Programming Guide                      
    CA MIM Resource Sharing for z/OS Statement and Command Reference        
  Automation:  n/a                                                          
  Check Reason:  Verify MIM Control File Status.          

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