Anti-Virus recommendations for CA Service Desk Manager (SDM)
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Anti-Virus recommendations for CA Service Desk Manager (SDM)


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When planning the installation of CA Service Desk, must be taken into account the following subject "Anti Virus (AV)", it is very important you set exceptions in the AV Server.

Planning the Creation of Environments with CA Service Desk.

Additionally, there are scenarios where somehow the Anti-Virus is enabled after CA Service Desk is installed i.e. Windows Group Policy settings. When it happens, you can face performance issues or even unexpected behaviors when starting up and running CA Service Desk. It will sound like network or infrastructure issues, but in the end, you will realized the issues happen because of the anti-virus.


CA Service Desk Manager 17.1 and higher.


We recommend that you exclude the CA Service Desk Install Folder (NX_ROOT) from the anti-virus (AV) scan. By default, this directory on a 64-bit Windows OS is "C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\Service Desk Manager".

We have come across scenarios with the anti-virus scanner locking some of the SDM files (binary and other files), which in-turn causes issues. We have also seen instances where the anti-virus scanner locks the NX_ROOT\log folder and its contents, which causes log files to prematurely roll over.

However, include the directory where CA Service Desk stores attachments. This directory by default is "NX_ROOT\site\attachments".

Additional Information

In addition, depending on how strict the anti-virus policy that is being enforced, it may also be necessary to add the CA Service Desk ports to the low risk or exclusion list.

Below is the list of default ports used by CA Service Desk (note that these port values may be different based on how CA Service Desk was installed and configured in the environment):

Supported Ports and Port Ranges