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TDM 5.4 Mainframe GTXMSKV process for VSAM file not masking any records


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


I am trying to mask VSAM file, the job runs fine without any error and does not mask any records.

I am using both Hashlov and formatencrypt functions to mask this file. 

The job runs, and completes immediately, and we see from the Audit file that none of the records are masked. 


 ****** ***************************** Top of Data ******************************
 ==MSG> -Warning- The UNDO command is not available until you change            
 ==MSG>           your edit profile using the command RECOVERY ON.              
 000001 1  Page: 001                                       GRID TOOLS DATA MASKI
 000002    ----------                                      ---------------------
 000003    Record name          Record no Masked field         Before and after 
 000004    ----------           --------- -----------          -----------------



 000001 1  Page: 001                                          GRID TOOLS REPORT 
 000002    ----------                                         ----------------- 
 000003      00002I   All masking will be reported in audit file                
 000004      00007I   Commit frequency used      1000                           
 000005      00009I   Invalid fields will not be retained                       
 000006      00011I   Invalid fields will not be reported                       
 000007      00015I   Shuffle limit used  99999999                              
 000008      00023I   Current date used 2021-04-01                              
 000009      00024I   High date used 2200-12-31                                 
 000010      00025I   Low date used 1800-01-01                                  
 000011      00026I   Language selected EN                                      
 000012      99997I   Case insensitive HASHLOV = Y                              
 000013      99997I   Trimmed HASHLOV = Y                                       
 000014      99997I   HASHLOV hashing done using Java algorithm                 
 000015      00070I   Report page limit set to        50                        
 000016      00199I   Only the first     100000 records will be processed (PROCE

 Command ===>                                                  Scroll ===> CSR  
 000015      00070I   Report page limit set to        50                        
 000016      00199I   Only the first     100000 records will be processed (PROCE
 000017      00036I            0 records processed for AINF                     
 000018      00060I   Job started at 13:06:24.11 and ended at 13:06:25.34       




Release : 5.4

Component : CA Test Data Manager - Mainframe


After reviewing the job logs and not finding an obvious issue. We looked at the AFL file generated by File Definition Manager and the AFL on the Mainframe. We noticed the files didn't quite match up, so the customer generated a new AFL, and that's when we realized that's the AFL file that was being pushed to the Mainframe was the incorrect format.



The File Definition manager created two AFL files, <name>_DG.AFL.DM and <name>_ZOS.AFL.DM. The DG format is used to describe the file as it is generated in Windows, where the ZOS format is used to describe the file as it exists on the mainframe.

Pushing the correct file; <name>_ZOS.AFL.DM to the mainframe, and rerunning the job, we saw the job took longer to complete, and files were masked.

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