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oracle probe parameter default values and units


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I want to configure 'memory_usage’, ‘sga_memory’, and ‘sga_memory_free’ parameters from the oracle probe but I'm not able to understand their threshold value units and what does that mean for example if some numerical value is given by default, e.g., 2000, under memory usage then what this stands for and same for sga memory & sga memory free. Could you please help here and also provide the default threshold values for these parameters.


Release : 9.0.2

Component : UIM - ORACLE


Please refer to the oracle help doc metrics page to see the units for each metric.

The threshold defaults for each metric will be in the oracle.cfx (default configuration file).

For example, under each metric in the oracle.cfx, you'll see the sections:

               value = 1
               msg = sga_memory_1
               sev = information

For alarms, the default settings are listed in the doc under Alert Metrics Default Settings.

The default threshold values for those 3 metrics are as follows:

memory_usage (Bytes)
Monitors the memory consumption in bytes of Oracle users (PGA).
default threshold: 2000000

sga_memory (Bytes)
Measures the SGA memory usage in bytes by pool.
default threshold: 1

sga_memory_free (Bytes)
Measures the SGA free memory usage in bytes
default threshold: 4096