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Procedure to remove A2A client with version 0.0.0 from PAM appliances


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


Have re-registered the A2A client from appliance from secondary to primary site, A2A client version become 0.0.0 in PAM appliances during this process.

Needs to know the procedure to remove the clients with version 0.0.0 from PAM appliances. 


Release : 4.X

Component : CA LDAP Server


Checking in that A2A agents are registered twice. one with version 0.0.0 and another that shows the version.

Verifying going to got a A2A client showing duplicated entries with the same Hostname, same IP Address, same Device Name but one with version 0.0.0 as Active and Connection Status Yellow and the another as version 4.5.3 with a Warning and Connection Status Green 


Go to correspondent device and deleted it and checking again the A2A Client this shows only one entry of hostname as version 0.0.0 and Deleted Device.
Add again same device
Restart the cspmagentd on A2A client side.
If A2A Client with version 0.0.0,
Delete again the device 
Add again the same device 
Active the Device
Restart cspmagentd
After Activated the this shows now Active and Connection Status as Green and correct version