Large number of tasks stuck "In Progress" even with low server load
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Large number of tasks stuck "In Progress" even with low server load


Article ID: 211988


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CA Identity Manager


CAIM version: 14.3 CR2

During user acceptance testing, user has noticed a large number of tasks becoming stuck "in progress," even though the server load is very light. A review of the JMS / HornetQ configuration revealed no misconfigurations, and clustering appears to be working properly.

This behavior was not observed in 14.3 development, as that environment is used only by developers and support personnel, and consists of only one server per role (Automation, Directory, JBoss, Provisioning, Web).


Release :  Identity Manager 14.3 CP2

Automation / Bulk Load Client x 3 (Win 2012 R2)
CA Directory & IM Provisioning Directory x 2 (Win 2012 R2)
CA IM Server / JBoss EAP 6.4.23 x 3 (Win 2012 R2)
CA Provisioning Server / CCS / JCS x 3 (Win 2012 R2)
Web Proxy Server x 3 (Win 2012 R2 / IIS / Apache AJP redirector) 

Object and User Store is Oracle 12c (12.2) RAC on Red Hat Linux 7, Multi-Database configuration is in use via separate schema for Archive, Audit, Transaction Persistence, Object, and Reporting / Workflow. User Store is a completely separate database.

All servers use AdoptOpenJDK Java 1.8.0_272 x64 or higher with JCE high encryption enabled


CP2 upgrade result "eta_core_openldap.schema" and "eta_dyn_openldap.schema" had been deployed to the wrong location



Relocated the files eta_core_openldap.schema" and "eta_dyn_openldap.schema to <jcs home>/jcs/conf and then restart services