Error: "Error receiving data from the authentication agent....."
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Error: "Error receiving data from the authentication agent....."


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ProxySG Software - SGOS ISG Proxy


ProxySG's eventlog shows "Error receiving data from the authentication agent for realm xxxxxxx, error=104". What is the error meaning and what impact on the authentication ?


All ProxySG with using BCAAA for authentication realm.


XXXX represents the actual realm name which customers configure on ProxySG, and 104 is an error code and its meaning is connection reset by peer.  At this time full meaning is ProxySG received Connection Reset from Bluecoat Authentication and Authorization Agent(BCAAA)


We would see Windows eventlog where BCAAA is installed, and it should be logged some errors at the same timing on this message. If no logged, we could enable BCAAA debug, and wait for the next error.
ProxySG connects to BCAAA agent every authentication requests, so this is no impact. 

Please see how to gather BCAAA debug logs.